some days I start believing in a male creationist god again because ONLY A DUDE WOULD INCLUDE MONTHLY CRAMPS IN THE FEMALE DESIGN FUCK THIS I HATE MY UTERUS

'What do I do now?'
'Now? You dance.'

AU where Steve gets defrosted but doesn’t go back to being Captain America, and he can’t find a job so he starts stripping in clubs in red-white-and-blue since he looks so much like the original cap.
Tony being a bored businessman hiring Steve for a solo performance and then another then another one and someday getting his hands on the prop shield and finding out OMG IT’S REAL VIBRANIUM and HOW DID YOU FIND THIS to OMFG YOU’RE THE REAL CAPTAIN AMERICA AND I’VE MADE YOU DANCE IN YOUR UNDIES TO BLACK SABBATH


So yeah, this was a quick sketch that became a mini-story that became an exercise in inking.

Some more mirror!space!husbands.

moar Kirk and Spock

Jim has the worst best plans.

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Have some eyebrow flirting.

Posting my old DeviantArt stuff before somebody else beat me to the punch. Have some Bones in the morning.

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I realized I had to crosspost my old deviantart pics in here before someone else did for me. Yay internet.

So, here, have some Vulcan family values.

vardoeger Asked
QuestionI wanted to know if it was ok to cross-post your dA work "Career Path" on Tumblr and as you are the artist (Swing-21, yes?). I didn't want to chance you already had it up somewhere and piss you off inadvertently. Answer

I’d rather post my art on my own blog, thanks for asking.